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Report Storm Damage:


Eligible Applicants:

Local Government, State Agencies, Non Profit Utilities, Tribal Nation, Universities, School Districts, Municipal/Special/Public Districts, and Private Non-Profits

Eligible Costs Include

Emergency protective measures conducted before, during, and after an incident are eligible if the measures eliminate or lessen immediate threats to lives, public health, or safety; OR eliminate or lessen immediate threats of significant additional damage to improved public or private property in a cost-effective manner.

  • Category A: Debris removal
  • Category B: Emergency protective measures

Permanent Work (Categories C–G) is work required to restore a facility to its pre-disaster design (size and capacity) and function in accordance with applicable codes and standards.

  • Category C: Roads and bridges
  • Category D: Water control facilities
  • Category E: Public buildings and contents
  • Category F: Public utilities
  • Category G: Parks, recreational, and other facilities
Public Report (pSTAT)


(April 26 - Ongoing Severe Weather Event) English (iSTAT)

(Evento Climático Severo de 26 de Abril en Curso ) Español (iSTAT)

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