County Clerk Sandra Yates

Sandra "Sandy" Yates

Nacogdoches County Courthouse
101 W Main St, Ste 110
Nacogdoches, TX 75961
Phone: 936-560-7733
Fax: 936-559-5926

Without county clerks, many of government’s underlying responsibilities would go undone.

The main duties of the county clerk are:

  • Serving as clerk of the county court and the commissioner’s court and keep records of the proceedings
  • Acting as recorder of deeds and other instruments
  • Filing and recording birth and death certificates
  • Recording assumed names, wills, and probate
  • Issuing marriage licenses
  • Accounting for all funds paid to the office by way of fines and fees, and the amount owed to county court jurors for service

Request Vitals Records Online

You can now conveniently request vital records, such as birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage licenses, through our secure online web portal. Click the link below to access the web portal:

Forms for Physical Submission

    Filing Fees

    Effective January 1, 2024

    Original Petition, Occupational Driver's License, Appeals from Justice Court $350.00
    Garnishment After Judgment $350.00
    Action other than Original,Counter-Claim or Cross Action $80.00
    Petition for Non-Disclosure $350.00
    Additional fees:
    All Writs $225.00
    Citations, Subpoenaes, Summons $90.00
    Issuance of Abstract of Judgment, Order of sale, Execution & other Writs $8.00
    Jury Fee $40.00
    Probate of Will, Probate of Will as Muniment of Title, Administration, Guardianship, Determination of Heirship, Community Survivor $360.00
    Limited Guardianship $360.00
    Adverse Action, Contest, or Intervention $120.00
    Citation for Posting $90.00
    Small Estate $360.00
    Additional Fees:
    (90 days after qualified) Filing of: Inventory and Appraisement, Application for Sale of Real or Personal Property or Annual or Final ACCOUNT of Estate $25.00
    Annual or Final REPORT of Guardian of Person $10.00
    Approving & Recording Bond $3.00
    Administering Oath $2.00
    Claim Against Estate $10.00
    Any Court Signed Order $2.00
    NOTE: Filing a document ( IF MORE THAN 25 PAGES) not listed above, after the filing of an Order Approving the Inventory and Appraisement OR after the 120th day from the date of the initial filing of the action, whichever occurs first if more than 25 pages $25.00
    Real Property
    Recording Fee (First Page) $25.00
    Additional Page $4.00
    Additional fee per name after 5 names $0.25

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Duties & Responsibilities of the COUNTY CLERK from the Texas Association of Counties.