Nacogdoches County, Texas

Monday, June 17, 2024

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Victim Services


The Nacogdoches County Attorney's Office respects the rights of crime victims.  Prosecutors will do everything within their power to ensure that victims have a voice in the courtroom.




Whether you are the victim of a violent crime such as assault or a property crime such as theft or criminal mischief, it is extremely important for you to provide our office with accurate contact information so that the prosecutor assigned to the case can reach you.  Often, the willingness of a victim to testify makes the difference between a trial and the defendant accepting an agreed punishment.

If you are listed as the victim in a crime reported to our office for prosecution, you should be receiving a letter in the mail asking for basic contact information and any out of pocket expenses which you have incurred due to the crime.  Please reply to this letter by fax, phone, email or letter as soon as possible.