Nacogdoches County, Texas

Monday, July 23, 2018

Information the Elections Office Provides for Candidates

The Elections Office can provide the following to candidates if requested. At this time, all of this information is available for no charge if requested electronically:

Voting History of Your Opponent – This is public information. Your opponent may request your voting history and you may request your opponent’s voting history.

Past Election Results – Many are already available on our website here.

Current Lists of Registered Voters for Campaign Purposes or Mail Outs – The voter roll changes daily as people move, die, register for the first time, etc. So, if you are wanting a list for a mail out, it generally is a good idea to get a fresh list from us a few days before you do your mail out instead of using a list that is several months old. Before big elections, there are often hundreds of updates that come in during the weeks before the last day to register to vote.

Lists of Voters Who Voted In Previous Elections – Candidates sometimes request these lists to help narrow down likely voters.

Lists of Voters Who Voted Each Day During Early Voting of a Current Election – We are happy to email you this information each night if requested. Please understand that it may be very late each night before we are able to email you this information. There is a lot to do each day after Early Voting closes and it can take a long time to prepare and format these lists. We also have to account for mail ballot requests that come in each day and mail ballots that are received each day. We are not required by law to provide these lists until the following day, but we will do our best to get them to you the same night as quickly as possible. If you request to receive these lists, it is appreciated if you don’t call or email us as soon as Early Voting closes each day. We want to get these lists out to you as soon as possible each night and understand the importance of them to you for your campaign. When every campaign contacts us though, we have to stop what we are doing, take the phone calls and answer the emails, and the process is slowed down for all candidates. We will email the lists out to you each night the moment they are ready.